Destitrack Mail Tracking

Know where every piece of mail is located and when it’s delivered with Destitrack from Bulldog Marketing, a unique mail tracking solution. While USPS offers mail scanning for free, there’s no method to view or make sense of a large group. Destitrack makes it easier and more efficient to track and organize all of your mail. Learn more about the benefits of Destitrack mail tracking and how it complements our commingling mail services in West Palm Beach.

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Mail Tracking and Management Solution

Mail often travels through multiple postal facilities before being delivered to the recipient. With Destitrack, you can track every piece of mail that Bulldog Marketing commingles for you. Destitrack offers several key advantages for businesses and individuals that send out mail.

  • Accountability: Keep better track and organization of mail pieces
  • Transparency: Access up-to-date mail statuses at any time
  • Efficiency: Streamline the mail process to maximize efficiency

Whether you need to track important mail pieces or improve your bulk mail process, Destitrack is a tracking and management solution that simplifies mail so you have more free time.

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Save on Postage with Commingling

In addition to Destitrack, Bulldog Marketing offers commingling mail services in West Palm Beach where you can save up to 40% on postage at no additional charge to you. How it works is we pick up the mail daily from all of our local clients and presort it all together which enables us to get a postage discount that is passed on to you. You just prepare the mail as usual and apply the lower postage. We pick up, presort, and deliver the mail to the Post Office all on the same day for utmost efficiency.

Contact Bulldog Marketing today to start saving money and time with your mail!