Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bulldog Marketing in West Palm Beach, FL specializes in printing, direct mail, design, and promotional services. For over 20 years, Bulldog has served a variety of industries and knows how to help promote your brand effectively.

We know that printing can get complicated. This is why we compiled so of the more frequently asked questions to help you during the process.

If you still have questions, please contact us.


How long has Bulldog Marketing been in business?

Bulldog Marketing has been in the direct mail and printing business for over 20 years.

Where is Bulldog Marketing located?

Bulldog Marketing is located at 3892 Prospect Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33404.

What areas does Bulldog Marketing serve?

Bulldog Marketing can assist any customer located in the U.S.

Does Bulldog Marketing deliver printed materials?

Bulldog Marketing will deliver printed materials to local businesses within a 25 mile radius of our location.

How do I get started with my printing or direct mail project?

Give Bulldog Marketing a call, email or visit our office to discuss your needs.  Our experienced staff will be happy to provide you printing and direct mail solutions.  Need a logo?  Planning a mailing?  Our decades of print and direct mail experience will provide you with the best solution to meet your budget and turnaround time.

Will a quote be provided in advance of the project?

Each job receives careful attention and begins with a thorough quote of your project. We may offer you multiple options with varying prices for your consideration.  Your budget will always be a factor in our recommendation.

Direct Mail

What is direct mail?

Direct mail delivers advertising, marketing or sales information directly to customers and prospects mailing address.

What is the best direct mail marketing strategy for my company?

Each direct mail campaign is different.  Bulldog Marketing has a wide range of direct mail solutions.  Our experienced staff will consult with you on tailoring a direct mail option that will best suit your company’s marketing goals.

What direct mail marketing services does Bulldog Marketing offer?

Bulldog Marketing can oversee your direct mail campaign from start to finish.  With our experienced production staff we can assist in the creation of the design, through production, to final post office delivery.

How much does direct mail cost?

Direct mail costs vary depending on quantity, class of mail, print size, and more. While there are a variety of factors that affect the cost per piece, you can find average postage costs from the USPS Price Change Index. For a free quote on direct mail, please contact Bulldog Marketing.

How long does bulk mail take to reach mailboxes?

Bulldog Marketing mails out of Palm Beach County in South Florida which usually just takes a few days within the county. If going outside the county, it will likely take longer.

Do you offer mailing lists?

Yes! Bulldog Marketing offers mailings lists with different criteria to best fit your direct mail campaign. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get you the right mailing list to make your campaign more successful.

What is the minimum quantity required to obtain better postage rates?

For First Class Mail 500 records are needed and for Standard Class Mail 200 records are needed.

Do you mail out of the country?

Yes, we can process mail to be delivered anywhere in the world.

What is EDDM?

‘Every Door Direct Mail’ (EDDM) is a targeted mail marketing service from USPS that lets you reach every address on a mailing route or zip code(s) at a discounted postage rate. While some direct mail campaigns perform best with variable data mailing lists, others may do better by blanketing an area with EDDM. To qualify, your mailing must meet certain requirements.

Do I need a permit to mail bulk mail?

You do not.  Bulldog Marketing already has an established bulk permit that you can use, making it easier and faster to get started with direct mail.

My company is non-profit, can I mail with non-profit rates?

Yes, however, you will need to be approved as a non-profit with USPS. Please fill out and submit the non-profit application to the Post Office where your Non-Profit USPS Marketing Mail mailings will be deposited. If the application is approved, the authorization will apply nationwide.

Can I use a real stamp to mail bulk mail?

Yes, there are ‘precanceled stamps’ which are special stamps that come in small denominations and are specifically for Presorted First-Class Mail and USPS Marketing Mail mailings. Precanceled stamps are affixed to mailpieces just like regular stamps. Mailers apply them to envelopes at a lower postage price and pay the difference when they drop off the mail at the Post Office. They’re real stamps that can be used for all bulk mail.

How do I know if my mailing was delivered?

Bulldog Marketing will provide you a PO receipt showing acceptance at the Post Office. We also offer Destitrack, a service that lets you view your mail as it is scanned at each PO. While USPS offers mail scanning for free, there’s no method to view or make sense of a large group. Destitrack makes it easier and more efficient to track and organize all of your mail.

What type of file should I send my mailing list?

Excel is the best file type for mailing lists but any format that has separated columns for name, address, city, state, and zip will work. Please contact Bulldog Marketing if you need help with your mailing list.

What are the different classes of mail?

There are two main classes of mail – First Class and Standard. Within First Class, we can sort to receive a further discount (aka ‘Presorted First Class’). Within Standard, there’s Non-Profit Mail which is treated the same but has a further postage discount.

What is commingle mail?

Commingle mail is a service that can save up to 40% on postage at no additional charge to you. How it works is we pick up the mail daily from our local clients and presort it all together which enables us to get a postage discount that is passed on to you. Bulldog Marketing is the only approved mailer in Palm Beach County that can commingle mail.


Can you help design my mailer/brochure/etc.?

Bulldog Marketing does offer in-house graphic design and can assist with your design needs.  We can reproduce existing artwork or create a new design.

Are materials proofread before printing?

Proofreading is a very important step in the printing process. Final rendering of type and artwork will be sent to you for proofing. You are encouraged to carefully review the positioning, copy and design elements. We correct our copy errors at no charge, however, we do charge for customer revisions and edits. Proofreading is the responsibility of the customer. We will provide a proof for all printing pieces. Work will proceed when we have customer approval on the final proof.

What file formats do you accept?

Bulldog Marketing can accept most types of file formats. The preferred format is Adobe Acrobat PDF.

What image file formats do you accept?

Bulldog Marketing accepts most types of file formats. Resolution is a key issue with images. The image file formats recommended are TIP and EPS. Photos from a digital camera in JPG format may be usable for printing, depending on the resolution setting they were taken at.

What is a bleed?

If your project requires printing all the way to the edge of the page, that’s called a bleed. If your printing project requires a bleed, your artwork needs to be prepared with a bleed continuing through your artwork slightly over the edge for printing and trimming. If artwork is provided without a bleed, a white border will be placed around your printed artwork.

How can I be sure my art file is print ready?

If you are unsure, you can send us the files and we will review. If we find anything that will keep us from producing the printed piece, we will let you know. Please note, we only look for print related problems in your file.  We will not make design suggestions, check your spelling or correct grammar.  The customer is responsible for proofreading all documents.

How should I provide my files to you?

 Most files can be emailed if file size is under 10mb.  If a project has large size artwork and/or data files go to and in the upper right hand corner click on “upload files.”

Promotional Products

Do you offer promotional products?

Yes, we are a promotional product distributor.  With over 3,000 suppliers, we can provide you with product options based on your company goals.

What are the benefits of promotional products?

Promotional products are memorable, they provide a better cost per impression than most other media.  It gives your company increased brand awareness.