Why You Should Use a Local Print Shop

Printing attractive marketing materials is vital for effectively promoting your products, services, or events in West Palm Beach — but who prints the materials is just as important as what’s printed. From more options to superior quality, a local print shop offers several distinct advantages over DIY and online printing companies.

See why you should use a local printing company to get quality results and service for your business, school, or non-profit.

6 Benefits of Local Printing Services

DIY is time-consuming and limits your design options whereas online printing companies can have inconsistent print quality and customer service experience. Using a West Palm Beach print shop hits the sweet spot between costs, materials, and service.

Here are the top five reasons why a local commercial printer is the best choice for your organization:

1. Competitive pricing

With over two decades of experience under our belt, we’ve streamlined our printing operations and built relationships with suppliers, allowing us to offer competitive pricing. Plus, online printing companies can advertise low prices to lure you in and then tack on additional fees, so you end up paying more.

2. Quick turnarounds

A local print shop typically has quicker turnaround times than the bigger guys because it serves a smaller market. Skip waiting weeks on end for your promotional print materials and receive your order when you need it.

3. Pickup available

In addition to competitive pricing, a local printing company will allow you to pick up your order once it’s complete, which means no shipping cost. Spend less on your order and get your print materials sooner? Sounds like a win/win!

4. Local knowledge

A local print shop is part of the same community as you are, so the printing team and in-house graphic designers will have a deeper understanding of your market than a printing company based in a different city or state. Support other local businesses by partnering with a commercial printer near you.

5. Attentive service

With online companies, your order is one of many and can get lost in the shuffle. A local print shop provides a higher level of service because we genuinely care about the organizations in our neighborhood that trust us to print their promotional materials.

6. More printing options

Just because you have a printer in your office doesn’t mean that it’ll provide the quality you want. You should outsource your printing to a professional that offers a variety of materials, printing techniques, and expertise to achieve beautiful and consistent results.

Go Local with Your Printing

Whether you need business cards or event flyers, there are a variety of reasons why you should use a West Palm Beach print shop over DIY and non-local printing companies. Promote your products, services, and events with professional-grade print materials that fit your budget and arrive when you need them. Contact us today to get a quote and support local!