Benefits of Outsourcing Print and Mail in West Palm Beach

As more companies move towards a permanent remote workforce, one hurdle that businesses in West Palm Beach will face is how to handle print and mail. Whether you’re a realtor that needs to send direct mail to prospects about available properties or a law firm that has to send important correspondence to clients, a local printer and mailer is an excellent option to help keep your operations running smoothly.

See the top benefits of outsourcing your business’s print and mail to a local shop!

5 Reasons to Work with a Local Printer and Mailer

From cost and time savings to print quality, there are a variety of reasons why West Palm Beach businesses should outsource their print and mail.

1. Lower Postage Costs

Commingling is a service that Bulldog Marketing offers where you can up to 40% on postage with no additional charges. This is how it works: we collect mail daily from our local clients and presort it all together for a postage discount that’s passed to you. Best of all, you don’t need to Cass certify, move, update, sort, or barcode the mail.

2. Higher Print Quality

A commercial print shop offers full-color printing capabilities, ensuring your direct mail and letters look great and are legible. Additionally, not every remote employee will have a printer at home. Partnering with a local commercial printer and mailer will make it easier for remote employees to print and mail any business mailings.

3. Variable Data Printing

In addition to full-color printing, we also offer variable data printing which can be used for printing names, addresses, serialized barcodes, consecutive numbers, and other variable data on letters, envelopes, and checks.

It’s a great way to add a more personal touch to messages, keep track of promotions with barcodes, and improve direct mail’s effectiveness by reaching customers right where they live or work.

4. Up-To-Date Mail Tracking

Bulldog Marketing offers Destitrack, an online tool that efficiently tracks regular mail by allowing you to view where and when mail has been scanned at Post Office locations. With Destitrack, you’ll no longer wonder where a mail piece is located and when it arrives at its destination.

5. Custom Options Available

A commercial print and mail shop is able to do more than what would be feasible for you to do in-house. For example, our services range from simple printing and mailing to custom-built programs that make it easier to drop and track files for us to print and mail.

Bulldog Marketing also has specialty machines including inserting, tabbing, and shrink wrapping. Additionally, we’re able to print and mail multiple sizes of snap packs (aka pressure seal mailers), custom expedited 9×12 envelopes, and options to include a check, return envelope/card, and more.

Elevate Your Print and Mail

Operating a business is hard enough without having to deal with the complexities of print and mail. Bulldog Marketing works with many West Palm Beach businesses, providing print and mail services that are done in-house using high-tech equipment.

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