Ways to Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out

With people receiving mail on a daily basis, a company’s biggest concern with its direct mail marketing is becoming part of the junk pile. That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re standing out above the rest. Here are some ways to make your direct mail stand out from the clutter.

Understand Your Target Audience

As with any marketing campaign, knowing your audience is crucial. Make sure you’re honing in on your target audience and speaking to them in ways that will translate to sales. The last thing you want is to be sending direct mail to people who aren’t interested.

What sort of mail will cause them to look twice and consider your company? Research is key, and there are many ways to get these valuable insights — searching social media to see what people are talking about, surveying your current customers, asking your sales reps what they hear most often, etc.

Write Interesting Copy

In direct mail campaigns, your words are limited to the space provided. Be absolutely certain you’re utilizing it to its full advantage by writing copy that will engage your audience. This is a chance to be creative and add buzzwords with a sense of urgency, such as “sale ending soon” or “limited-time offer.”

Add Samples or Swag Items to Entice Customers

Simply put, people love free stuff! Maybe your business can include a small sample in your direct mail to entice customers to purchase the full-sized product. You can even send them company swag, like water bottles or hats, that they can use every day and keep your brand top of mind.

Incorporate Eye-Catching Graphics

Just like your copy needs to do some heavy lifting, so do the graphics. With direct mail, you want your target audience to pay attention and maybe even hang your stuff on their fridge. Incorporate images and colors that will grab their attention and ensure they think of you when it’s time to buy.

Personalize and Test Different Variations

If at first you don’t succeed, try again — and use the results from the last campaign to drive your next one. See what customers respond well to, such as personalization (available with variable data printing), and try different variations to determine the best choice for your marketing. This way, you’re using proven methods to reach your audience.

Invest in Quality Design and Printing

You don’t want your brand to come across as lackluster because of the low-quality design on your direct mail. Investing in professional graphic design and printing services will elevate your direct mail and draw in customers. You can even experiment with different direct mail types to catch their eye, like catalogs or postcards.

Add Exclusive Offers and QR Codes

Many companies rely on direct mail for special offers, promotions, and coupons by asking customers to bring them into their physical locations to receive a discount. This is a great way to ensure your audience keeps your company in mind.

QR codes are another unique way to engage your audience. Play around with ideas that encourage a specific action, such as going to your website to get more information about your special offer or visiting your brick-and-mortar storefront to make a purchase.

Take Your Direct Mail to the Next Level

Impressing your customers with your direct mail is easier when you follow these tips. Now that you have an idea of how to make your mail stand out against competitors, the only thing left to do is put it into action!

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