Direct Mail Offers That Capture Attention

In order to achieve successful campaigns, your direct mail offers need to capture your audience’s attention and motivate them to take action. If your direct mail has low response rates, it might be that your offer isn’t strong enough. Here are some ideas to inspire your next direct mail marketing campaign!

3 Popular Types of Direct Mail Marketing Offers

Your audience encounters a lot of advertising every day so your offer and “call to action” need to break through the clutter. A “call to action” is like a nudge that encourages prospects to take the next step, like buying a product or scheduling an appointment.

Complement your direct mail offers with calls to action that are strong yet not overly aggressive. You don’t want to turn off your audience! Below you’ll find several popular types of offers to help make your direct mail marketing more effective.


There are a variety of coupons that can be used for direct mail marketing such as buy-one-get-one, discounts, free shipping, and rebates. Oftentimes, coupons are paired with barcodes for tracking. If you use a coupon offer, make sure to list any restrictions and conditions so customers don’t get confused or frustrated when they try to use it.


People love free stuff, just take a look at how excited crowds get when promo t-shirts are being shot from a cannon. Your direct mail can offer a free sample, free download, free trial, free event, etc. The most important thing with freebies is that they must offer something of value. Otherwise, prospects won’t go through the effort to claim it.

Gift Card

A unique way to stand out from other direct mail is to include a tangible offer like a gift card. Prospects are more likely to save and use the gift card because it’s essentially free money. Plus, they usually spend more than the value of the gift card.

Increase Responses with Personalization

Variable data printing is a printing technique that allows you to personalize your direct mail marketing by printing names, addresses, serialized barcodes, consecutive numbers, and other variable data. By adding personalization to your direct mail offers, your open and response rates will increase because recipients will feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Personalization also improves brand and message memorability, which builds trust with your audience.

Enhance Your Direct Mail Marketing Offer

Even the best offer won’t be as effective if the mailing is sent to the wrong person or is of poor quality. Give your direct mail marketing the best chance of success by crafting a strong offer, targeting the right audience, and enhancing it with top-notch design and print. Together, your campaigns will generate a higher return for your business, non-profit, or organization.

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