What is Automated Direct Mail? And Its Benefits

What is Automated Direct Mail? And Its Benefits

When developing direct mail campaigns, it’s important to know all of your options. Many brands still use direct mail as an effective way to reach out to new and existing customers, but did you know there’s a more streamlined approach to this type of marketing? Let’s look at automated direct mail and how it can benefit your West Palm Beach business, non-profit, or organization.

Defining Automated Direct Mail

So, what exactly is automated direct mail? It’s software that automates the process of sending direct mail, such as postcards, welcome letters, and even invoices. This process allows businesses to plan ahead and schedule their direct mail efforts, and it uses integrated marketing tools to collect accurate information, design efficient campaigns, and even personalize them.

Types of Automated Direct Mail

How can you incorporate automated direct mail into your marketing? Here are some of the most popular types of automated direct mail:

  • Letters
  • Catalogs
  • Flyers
  • Dimensional mailers (e.g. water bottles, hats, bags)
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Invoices, statements, checks

Why Choose Automated Direct Mail?

You may be wondering why you should choose automated direct mail, and there are many benefits to this more streamlined version of direct mail marketing. Find out what this efficient strategy can do for your business!

Saves Resources

Automated direct mail can save time, money, and manual effort. Direct mail marketing involves multiple steps like planning, design, printing, assembly, and delivery. Automated direct mail helps to do most of the work for you, leaving your staff more time for other important tasks. Plus, it reduces your typical marketing budget for direct mail by streamlining the process.

Offline to Online Conversions

Although we’re in a digital day and age, customers live offline. Automated direct mail helps to reach out to this audience and convert them to online clicks and sales. This is also helpful in reminding past customers of any promotions or sending them new information if they haven’t purchased in quite some time.

Easier Testing and Analyzing

Part of marketing is having the right data and testing it. With direct mail that is automated instead of manual, you can test the effectiveness of your marketing campaign more easily and refine your direct mail. This market research can also aid in building out new mailing lists with accurate information, improving your data management.

Greater Customization

Manual customizations can eat into your time, but with automation, things run more smoothly and quickly. Branding can be changed within minutes, and you can even work on triggered campaigns based on site visits or customer birthdays. Increase your customization options with automated direct mail.

Add Direct Mail Automation to Your Marketing Mix

Using automated direct mail can be just the thing to help your business reach new heights. Professional direct mail services, in particular, allow you to target or expand your audience while saving money on postage with commingling. At Bulldog Marketing, our years of direct mail expertise, high-tech equipment, and established USPS permit accounts allow us to take care of all your needs. Contact us now to enhance your marketing with automated direct mail!