How to Improve Direct Mail Response Rates

Although direct mail response rates average 5-9% compared to email’s 1% (according to the ANA/DMA 2018 Response Rate Report), there are a variety of reasons why your response rates may be falling short of the industry standard. Even if your direct mail is within that response rate range, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at ways to enhance your campaign for a higher ROI.

See how you can improve your response rates to get more out of your direct mail campaigns in West Palm Beach!

Ways to Increase Direct Mail Marketing Response Rates

If your response rates aren’t meeting expectations, there are lots of things you can do to make your direct mail marketing perform better. Here are eight tips to help you boost response rates to drive more sales and leads for your business.

Have a Targeted Mail List

Targeting the right audience is key to a successful direct mail marketing campaign. After all, sending mail to people that have zero interest in your product, service, or event would be a waste of money. Clean up your list by removing irrelevant addresses and chronic non-responders.

Track Your Campaign

Find out which direct mail designs and messaging garner higher response rates by tracking your campaigns. There are different methods you can use to track direct mail campaigns — QR codes, coupon codes, trackable URLs, trackable phone numbers, and more.

Make It Stand Out

Your direct mail isn’t the only one that prospects receive in their mailbox which is why it’s crucial to make your piece stand out. You can do this by using a larger envelope size, eye-catching design, or unique shape.

Write Compelling Copy

Prospects have short attention spans so it’s vital that your copy isn’t boring. If you’re not a wordsmith, work with a professional copywriter to make sure that your messaging is on point and captures your brand’s voice.

Showcase Benefits, Not Features

A quick way to lose prospects’ interest is by talking about your features rather than the benefits you provide. Customers want to know how you’ll help them solve a problem or make their life better; they don’t care how big your facility is or the number of employees you have.

Offer Something of Value

Your direct mail marketing should include an offer that tempts prospects to…well, respond! Make sure the offer provides real value and that it’s easy to understand and do like a coupon, discount code, free estimate, etc.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Include the dates of your promotion and use words like “now” and “limited time” to create a sense of urgency. This will compel prospects to act in the present rather than push it to later, thus increasing the likelihood that they’ll forget about you.

Upgrade Your Direct Mail Marketing for Better Response Rates

Direct mail marketing offers many benefits like personalization, interactiveness, and memorability, which is why this print material is often included in multi-channel marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive more growth. An effective way to improve your campaigns’ response rates and generate higher ROIs is by upgrading your direct mail. Partner with Bulldog Marketing as your direct mail marketing company!

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