7 Holiday Direct Mail Ideas to Lift Sales

Direct mail has been shown to have higher response rates than email, yet many businesses underutilize holiday direct mail marketing to increase sales. Customers have a lot of ways to come in contact with a business, which is why direct mail should be incorporated in multi-channel marketing campaigns to maximize results.

Let’s review holiday direct mail ideas you can implement to lift sales and finish the year strong!

Ways to Boost Holiday Sales with Direct Mail

This holiday period, in particular, offers businesses the potential to drive more sales with direct mail marketing. Holiday spending in the United States is expected to be 9% more in the 2021 holiday period compared to 2020, according to a forecast from Deloitte.

As we enter into a busy shopping season, here are seven holiday direct mail ideas to boost your sales:

1. Share holiday deals

Discounts, coupons, promo codes, freebies, and gift cards are popular types of direct mail offers that are perfect for the holidays. Make sure your offer has clear guidelines so customers understand how to claim the holiday deal.

2. Enhance multi-channel marketing

Increase the effectiveness of your multi-channel marketing by including a URL that points customers to a landing page with special offers. You can also add a QR code that customers can scan with their smartphones to go directly to your website.

3. Use bigger mailpieces

During the holidays, there’s more mail, which means competition for customers’ attention is even tougher. Make your mailpiece stand out in a crowded mailbox with larger envelope sizes, jumbo postcards, self-mailers, catalogs, and more.

4. Show your appreciation

Send customers a “thank you” card to show that you appreciate their business and support. It’s a thoughtful gesture that lets them know that you care, which humanizes your brand and builds customer loyalty.

5. Include festive copy and imagery

This might seem obvious, but nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning. Craft holiday direct mail that looks and sounds festive to grab customers’ attention. Work with a professional graphic designer to ensure a cheerful and attractive holiday design.

6. Personalize the message

Use variable data printing to personalize your message by addressing the recipient directly. Personalized direct mail typically sees higher response rates because it creates a one-on-one connection with customers.

7. Consider postseason direct mail

When the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean your direct mail opportunities end there! Consider a postseason direct mail campaign like a winter sale, end-of-year special, or season closeout. Plus, a postseason campaign can help you reach customers that were away for the holidays.

Get Jolly Sales with Direct Mail

With holiday shopping expected to increase this year, now is the perfect time to reach more customers with direct mail marketing. It’s not enough though to simply send out mail — you must have a strategy behind your holiday direct mail campaign. That’s where partnering with the right direct mail company makes a big difference.

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