Will Direct Mail Advertising Work for My Business?

Will Direct Mail Advertising Work for My Business?

Many factors are involved when determining if direct mail advertising is suitable for your business. While you may be unsure if your particular brand can benefit from this strategy, it’s important to look at the advantages of direct mail and how it can serve your marketing needs. Let’s learn a little more about this tried and true method of advertising and how it might benefit your business.

What is Direct Mail Advertising?

To start, let’s look at what direct mail advertising is exactly. When you send print materials to your business’s mailing list or customers with a message or offer, you’re participating in direct mail marketing. This is helpful for targeting a specific market or demographic, especially for businesses that want to attract local customers.

How It Can Help Businesses

Direct mail works to get the word out about new businesses, new products, promotions, and other important announcements. Many small businesses and brick-and-mortar stores use this method of advertising, especially for encouraging a specific action like visiting their website, scanning a QR code, or using a discount code.

Direct mail, in comparison to other forms of marketing, increases brand awareness and improves brand recall more effectively because recipients keep and see direct mail longer than email, social posts, online ads, etc.

Popular Types of Direct Mail Marketing

There are a variety of direct mail advertising campaigns you can do to drive more business. Here are some of the most popular forms of direct mail:


Postcards typically rely on attention-grabbing images and headlines, with concise messaging and a clear call-to-action. These are beneficial since they come in a variety of sizes and are highly effective for the marketing of many products and services. Plus, they’re typically less expensive than other options.


For a more confidential direct mail option, lead letters are a more traditional choice. You can customize these for your audience, especially if they’re more detailed in their tastes. Letters allow for a more professional and trustworthy look for your customers, and they can be personalized with names through a targeted mailing list and variable data printing.


Self-mailers commonly come in the form of leaflets and brochures, and these are a great option if you’re hoping to introduce prospects to your product or service. This is a direct mail tactic that can benefit from an aesthetically-pleasing design to better draw in customers. Displaying your product images or other important photos on self-mailers helps your audience to discover what your business is about.


To better showcase your range of products and company’s offerings, a catalog is a wise choice. Many businesses send catalogs around the holidays or other important promotional periods, such as back-to-school, to showcase their sales and deals. Having enticing products and other bargains on the front of your catalog will coax customers into searching the whole catalog.

Examples of Direct Mail Offers

There are many ways you can use direct mail marketing to demonstrate upcoming offers and capture attention. This can include:

  • Coupons
  • Freebies
  • Gift cards
  • Discounts
  • Samples
  • Seasonal promotions or sales
  • Personalized birthday or anniversary promo codes

Advertise Your Business with Direct Mail Marketing

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