How Effective is Direct Mail Marketing?

How Effective is Direct Mail Marketing?

While it may seem as though the days of paper are over, direct mail is here to prove it’s here to stay. Did you know that direct mail marketing campaigns generate purchases five times larger than email campaigns? Even though these campaigns get similar response rates, something about direct mail encourages purchases from customers.

We’re going to explore how and why direct mail marketing can work for your business or non-profit, as well as the benefits of Bulldog Marketing’s direct mail services in West Palm Beach.


Perhaps it’s because these days, so many of us are inundated with emails that physical mail stands out so much. Plus, many customers tend to keep physical mail when there’s a deal or coupon attached to remind them to use it before expiration.


Emails are typically only seen by one person, and that’s whoever owns the email account. With direct mail marketing, it’s being sent to an entire household, and often, seen by more eyes as a result. Many key financial decisions regarding purchases are made at home as well, so when an offer comes through the mail, that creates more opportunities to capture attention and make sales.


When customers receive a new email, they’re likely glancing at it briefly before moving on to the other unread messages in their inbox. With direct mail marketing, the lifespan can encompass many days, even weeks. The physical reminder of direct mail creates a longer-lasting impression, especially against email marketing.


While email marketing does offer a lot of targeting features, direct mail marketing also has ways to not only target specific audiences but track them. For example, our Destitrack tool allows you to know where every piece of mail is located and when it’s delivered.

You can also choose where to send based on area and demographic using Every Door Direct Mail from USPS. Additionally, make sure your website is visible on your direct mail with a specific landing page or UTM parameters to see how well your direct mail efforts are going.

Direct Mail Marketing and Digital Combined

Though we’ve stated how email marketing compares to direct mail marketing, when you take these powers and combine them, they can help to elevate each other in numerous ways. Having a digital marketing campaign that includes direct mail covers many more bases than one method alone. You can add hashtags, QR codes, and other creative channels to your direct mail to promote online activity. Creating the right call to action is key.

Boost Your Marketing with Direct Mail

Print is a vital component to have in your marketing mix. Like any other marketing channel though, it requires strategy and out-of-the-box thinking at times, but it’s a truly useful way to reach a larger audience and sustain the loyalty of existing customers. Working with the right direct mail company is an important step to achieving successful results.

Reach out to Bulldog Marketing today to explore our direct mail services in West Palm Beach, which include design, print, assembly, delivery, and more! See what we can do for you as your dedicated direct mail company.